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Yacht Accessories: The 5 Types Every Yacht Needs

#1: The most important yacht accessory--water

water set up alfi carafeOne of the prominent yacht accessories is the serving of fresh, clean, drinking water. It is an irony of nature that fresh water is such a valuable commodity at sea. In warm, humid climates, the body needs more water to remain healthy and there is no more warm and humid climate than one finds in the Caribbean Sea and tropical regions. Such yacht accessories as those for serving water are great additions. Having water available at all times is de riguer when yachting as the body plays tricks when reclined and resting by not telling you when it is time to replenish and rehydrate. The body actually uses more water than you might think in warm, humid climates as the body continues to attempt to cool itself by expelling more water through the skin.

There is no more classy way to serve up the water than in our Water Set Up with Alfi Carafe. The set comes with a crystal-clear, non-breakable, oval acrylic rack, a chrome 32-ounceAlfi Carafe, and two 8.5-ounce tumblers glass. Additional tumblers are available.

For the night table in the staterooms we also have a Water Set Up with Water Bottle including an oval acrylic rack and two glass tumblers. Both sets are elegant looking and provide a beautiful presentation of drinking water, much needed while aboard and at sea.

With beautiful matching or combined water service sets onboard, it is easy to meet the requirement of keeping water available and nearby, while also meeting the requirement for classy and elegant presentation of all things aboard.

#2: Custom sheets to fit each bed on the yacht, regardless of size

custom sheetsCustom sheets are a necessary part of easy care and comfort on any yacht. For over twenty years, Staterooms Online has been making custom sheets to fit the custom-size beds built into yachts and boats. Because of the shape of the hull and the position of the beds, as well as the various sizes of the beds themselves, off-the-shelf sheets will not fit correctly and provide the smooth comfort that custom sheets can. For example, boat sheets need to have fitted pockets sized to fit the six-inch to 10-inch mattresses, where off-the-shelf sheets are designed to fit much thicker mattresses, sometimes up to 18 inches.

Yacht owners deserve to have the comfort of sheets that remain smooth and in place. We keep the templates based on your specific beds making it convenient to re-order custom sheets at any time. Select any style or fabric, and even have them monogrammed, and we will create them in just the right size and shape.

To order custom sheets for the first time, call us at (954) 525-4011 between 9 am and 5 pm Eastern Time and we will get you started. You can also email us at for instructions on creating a template for your custom mattress. On subsequent orders, if you wish to order online, sign into your account on the Staterooms Online website. Locate the sheets you wish to order, select the item that is "Custom Size" and put in the color and number you wish to purchase. You are also welcome to call us at our customer service number if you would like us to place the order for you.

#3: Yacht Guest Amenities convey your warmth to the guests

robes for yachtsMake guests feel welcome to get out of the salt-sprayed clothes and still feel free to lounge in the shared spaces of the yacht. Robes and slippers, with monograms, provide guests with comfortable apparel that welcomes them to lounge either in their staterooms, salons, or on the upper decks. Monograms also make them feel part of something. We have plush robes, checkered terry kimonos, or beautiful sea shell-waffled kimonos in white or ecru for those who prefer a shorter robe or in warmer climates.
Women's and men's spa wraps and spa headbands to help hold hair out of the water provide an even lighter-weight over clothing after a swim or dip in the spa. These are also opportunities to sport your logo or yacht's name in monograms.

#4: Towel Hospitality in every room for every use

monogrammed bath towelsWhether it be towels for the master stateroom, the towels for the guest quarters, day head towels, crew towels, Sunbrella outdoor throws, outdoor towels for the upper decks or beach towel hospitality alongside the spa and sunning areas, there is a proper towel for each place and Staterooms Online has the right selection for each place. We have a wide selection of fabrics including special use types of cotton, blends, and rugged fabrics that launder easily and dry quickly to make them even more suitable for onboard use.

The right towels in the right place demonstrates an attention to detail and selection of the finest and most appropriate accessories in all the right places.

#5: Luggage Pads: attractive bed trim that protects the fine bedding

yacht luggage padsAren't you glad you are not luggage? Luggage is a dirt magnet. People get driven to the airport or railway station in style; luggage has to ride in the back with all the grime left behind by other luggage. People walk aboard; luggage is dropped on the curb, in the ditch, on filthy conveyer belts, thrown in the cab, and dropped at the end of the dock. People keep themselves clean; luggage rarely even gets a brush off. At the destination, people will sit in chairs, being careful they are not dusty or dirty before doing so; luggage wants to hop right up on the bed and sit on their dirt and grime and grind it into the elegant and finely-finished bedding.

Give luggage a new place to sit. Luggage pads provide a nice looking runner to spread across the foot of the bed, but most importantly, luggage pads protect the bedding from the oils, soils and grime that attaches itself to luggage during travel. Our luggage pads are custom-made to our specifications exclusively for Staterooms Online. Made of faux suede, they are available in seven different colors to coordinate with the selected colors of the staterooms. When a yacht monogram is included, it is another opportunity for elegance in design. Our luggage pads beautiful and yet they are also very durable and a lot easier to clean than the luxury bedding.

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